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The halleluhah sandwich!
Halloumi: The Traditional Cheese of Cyprus

Halloumi is a traditional Cypriot Cheese that has been made on the Island of Cyprus for Centuries...

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A Highly Versatile Cheese, halloumi can be enjoyed in a variety of ways...
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The halleluhah sandwich!
The halleluhah sandwich!


60g/2¼oz packet of halloumi, cut into 2 slices
12.5g/1-2oz seasoned flour
2 sundried tomatoes in oil, chopped small handful fresh mint
bread rolls

1. Dip the halloumi in the seasoned flour. Fry on a high heat until golden brown.
2. Place 2 slices of halloumi in each roll, followed by 2 sundried tomatoes and a few springs of fresh mint. Serve.

By The Vegetarian Society

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