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Halloumi (Cow, goat and sheep’s milk)
Hadjipieris halloumi is produced from fresh pasteurised blend of cow, goat and sheep’s milk. It is made with the finest raw ingredients using traditional methods of production. Whilst warm, it is hand-folded to take its characteristic final shape and th
Halloumi (Goat and sheep milk)
Hadjipieris traditional halloumi is made from fresh pasteurised goat and sheep’s milk. Using a traditional recipe and methods of production, our halloumi has a unique aroma and genuine taste.
Of course, we still make it in the traditional distinctive
Fresh Anari
Fresh Anari is a traditional Cypriot cheese made of cheese whey (mostly halloumi) with the addition of small quantities of fresh milk. It’s a white and soft cheese and is similar to the Italian cheese Ricotta and the Greek cheese Anthotyros. Fresh Anari
Dry Anari
The mature, dried form of the traditional cheese whey anari, is known as “Dry Anari”. It is a hard cheese with a mild salty taste and a long shelf life. It is widely used in the local cuisine and often used for graving.
Flaouna cheese
Made only before and during the Easter period, flaouna cheese is mainly used as the basic ingredient in making “flaounes”, a traditional Easter pastry unique to Cyprus
Feta is a white cheese made from fresh sheep and goat’s milk. It is an aged cheese that matures in brine and has a rich flavour. Usually feta is produced in square blocks and crumbles easily. Since 2002 the Greek cheese Feta has a PDO status and is made
Airani Korta
Airani is a yoghurt-based drink and it is thought to have been first created as a way of preserving yoghurt by adding salt. This natural refreshing drink is usually served cold and helps in digestion.
Graviera Kritis
This is a hard cheese with a light yellow colour. It is made in the traditional way and is left to mature for at least three months.
Yoghurt 450gr or 200gr
Hadjipieris traditional yoghurt is made from fresh goat and sheep’s milk and has been produced since 1983.

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