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Halloumi: The Traditional Cheese of Cyprus

Halloumi is a traditional Cypriot Cheese that has been made on the Island of Cyprus for Centuries...

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Hadjipieris products are made with care,
using  traditional recipes and methods of production 
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A Highly Versatile Cheese, halloumi can be enjoyed in a variety of ways...
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A refreshing drink for the summer
Date: 20.5.2010
Summer is coming and as every year we get down to work to make Airani Korta in order to be available on time.

This year we began the production and distribution to stores in late March as the days were getting longer and the temperature higher. A refreshing, natural drink made with the purest ingredients Airani Korta is the ideal drink for those hot summer days.  

Grilled Hallumi with Sauteed Green BeansHallumi salad with orange and mintHallumi kebabs with thyme and lemon baseThe halleluhah sandwich!Halloumi with chilli