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Halloumi: The Traditional Cheese of Cyprus

Halloumi is a traditional Cypriot Cheese that has been made on the Island of Cyprus for Centuries...

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Hadjipieris products are made with care,
using  traditional recipes and methods of production 
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A Highly Versatile Cheese, halloumi can be enjoyed in a variety of ways...
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Export Solutions

We are a family-run business which specialises in the production of the traditional Cypriot halloumi cheese and other quality dairy products such as fresh and dry anari, yoghurt, flaouna cheese and airani. Our products are distributed to the local market with our own refrigerated vehicles.
We export our authentic halloumi cheese and traditional dairy products primarily to the UK and Greece. Some of our clients have been doing businesses with us for many years, appreciating the excellent quality of our products and great service.
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