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About Us - Hajipieris Dairy Products
Halloumi: The Traditional Cheese of Cyprus

Halloumi is a traditional Cypriot Cheese that has been made on the Island of Cyprus for Centuries...

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Hadjipieris products are made with care,
using  traditional recipes and methods of production 
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A Highly Versatile Cheese, halloumi can be enjoyed in a variety of ways...
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About Us
The beginning…

Since his childhood, the founder of Hadjipieris Dairy Company developed an early interest and love for traditional Cypriot dairy products. As a young child he would help his father in selling traditional dairy products all over Cyprus which were made in the local dairy companies in the village of Athienou. After his studies he decided to establish his own dairy company and in 1983 he opened his own small dairy producing traditional Cypriot cheeses and other milk based products selling them to local shops. Over the next few years the increasing demand for our products led us to move in a bigger factory.

The hard work and the high quality of our products helped us to overcome the possible difficulties that a small family-run business could face. In March 2009 our new modern factory equipped with the latest technology was built in the village of Athienou, in Larnaca.

Today we are based in the village of Athienou, a place with a long tradition in the production of agricultural products and many local farms. Fresh cow, goat and sheep milk is procured daily from selected farms that we have a long standing collaboration. Our production is under very strict quality and hygiene controls and our company confirms with the principles of the HACCP system and the food safety management system ISO 22000:2005.

Although time has moved on, we remain true to our traditions and are focused on producing high quality traditional dairy products with an excellent, authentic taste. Our products include fresh and mature halloumi cheese, fresh and dry anari, yoghurt, flaouna cheese and also the natural, refreshing drink airani. We also import cheeses from Greece that are well known for their unique taste such as feta and the hard cheese Graviera Kritis that have been awarded with the PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) certificate.

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